Convert html format to php sample

One method is to simply have your webserver treat .html files as PHP files.
That way your links can stay intact, and progressively replacing static .html pages with actual php-enabled pages can be done in an transparent method to users.
So There are only files that contain code blocks, which will get interpreted/executed when the containing file is passed through PHP.
But more server are disable this method for security problem.
Another way is to convert html code to php format not so code block inside html script
You can download this sample file exe to convert your file html to php

Open create_php.exe and select 'select file'

file exe php to html

save as 'your.php file' in sample case cadoptimize.html convert to cadoptimize.php

file exe php to html

This is the html text

file exe php to html

This is the html text convert to php

file exe php to html

The *.rar file contains one file create_php.exe

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