Visual lisp application for surface elevation


Lisp surfaces uses an 'Edgesurf' grid to create a 3d modeling of the Autocad surfaces. The referential  base for the 3d modeling interpolation is a 3d points database.
The description of the commands that allow the creation of the 3d modeling are:

Lisp Surfaces uses as interpolation method the "Interpolation between weighted mean three-dimensional points" formula.
The Lisp Surfaces is able to make about 10.000 grid vertex interpolations in 6 minutes (the drawing of 3d modeling surfaces included).
The Lisp Surfaces options are:

The quality of the interpolation is obviously related to the number of 3D points used for the creation of the 3D modeling grid.
For the setting of the radius selection value you must consider:

The settings of these three options (radius selections and others) will determine the quality of the interpolation vertex grid of the 3d modeling.
Lisp Surfaces uses the Interpolation between weighted mean three-dimensional points formula. With this method of interpolation all points selected (radius selection) are considered for the elevation value of each of the grid vertexes.
If you set a high value for the radius selection obviously the program will find more than the three points needed by the interpolation, but in this case, you will use more points which have a large distance to the vertex of the grid surfaces.
A large distance between the points selected for the interpolation vertex of the grid will give a low quality of the interpolation.

Lisp model surface

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