Autolisp map making management


Installing the software includes also the addition of the menus in the predetermined AUTOCAD settings.

1)open autocad
2)write in the command line : '_options'
3)select 'File'
4)select 'support file search path'
5)select 'browse'
6)select the lisp application destination path 'yourpath/map_making' and press 'ok'
7)select 'browse'
8)select destination path 'Program Files/AutoCAD 2015(yourversion)/UserDataCache/en-EN(yourlenguage)/support' and press 'ok'
9)select 'trusted location'(in the same window` see options_window.png)
10)select 'browse' or 'add'
11)select the lisp application destination path 'yourpath/map_making' and press 'ok'
12)in the 'options' window select 'apply' and 'ok'
13)write in the command line : '_menuload'
14)press 'browse'(window 'load/unload customizations)
15)in the window 'select customization file', select 'files of type' :'*.mnu'
16)select the lisp application destination path 'yourpath\map_making\utility\map_making.mnu' and press 'open'
17)press 'load'(window 'load/unload customizations)

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