Autolisp map making management


This application is used to automatize the use of cartography in autocad, and create a database archive for your map making (topographic map, project).
The first step is the creation of a cartography information database. In this case the autolisp map making software allows two different database formats: txt and xls.
The autolisp map making software development of autocad attach command asks for the contour of the topographic map and this information is memorized in your database settings.
You can archive dwg and tiff file format (tiff is available only in the acadmap platform). The archive contains information on:

The “manager setting” of autolisp map making software uses this information to draw the contours of the cartography and print them into your drawing.
In that way you can visualize all information about your database contents and see the geographic information of your topographic map archive.
The last step is to insert the cartography in your drawing. When you want to insert your topographic map use “insert map button” and:

and autolisp map making software sends as external reference the topographic map dwg or tiff that you have selected.
The contents of the command “insert map button” is:
It reads all information on the geographical coordinates in the selected database and finds where the selected coordinate points are inside the coordinates of the contours. When this condition is done true, it sends the corresponding topographic map into your drawing as external reference.

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