Autolisp map making management

This application is used to automatize the use of cartography in autocad, and create a database archive for your topographical map.
Autolisp map making application is made for agencies and professionals, who regularly use cartography.
Our target is: hydraulic and building companies, topographic agencies. The application is handy also for CAD operators facing their first working experience in the field.
This autolisp development application allows creating a topographic map database archive, to connect it with autocad interface and automatize the use of cartography.

This autolisp application is the development of attach/deattach autocad commands. It will automatically find where the cartography that you want to use is located in your topographic map archive and which topographic maps you have in the database.
This is a complete DEMO version of the AUTOLISP that will provide a complete tool for you to evaluate the potential of the application.

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