Lisp for autocad linear interpolation

The aim of this application is to integrate the specific database for those 3D models that for some reason or another give a poor performance. The application is addressed to professionals who, while developing their projects, need an accurate study and a detailed 3-D model of the field

The platform is AUTOCAD.

The application includes two different methods of interpolation:

Linear interpolation between three-dimensional points

In this case the classical method for linear interpolation between two three-dimensional points is used

linear interpolation formula


alternatively :

linear interpolation formula (a)

The possible options are:
Managing an increasing amount of points to interpolate
The position of the interpolated point may be modified manually, by means of a reactor which shows on a graph the geometric position of the interpolated point.

Interpolation between weighted mean three-dimensional points

In this case, the equation to calculate the weighted mean of the point will be applied.

Interpolation between weighted mean three-dimensional points formula


The possible options are:
to select the points to be included in the interpolation by means of a range around the spot to be created by the interpolation, the range being defined by the operator.
to select manually at least three points to be included in the interpolation
to obtain a preview of the selected range to be included in the interpolation
to assign the Kriging value.

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